12th June 2017 Fadela Hilali

How to Stop Binge Eating on Weekends

Binge Eating

What is binge eating?

Binge eating is the act of consuming excessive food that is not driven by hunger. It usually involves:

– Overeating
– Feeling uncomfortably full
– Guilt
– Helplessness
– Disappointment
– Frustration

The food chosen for a binge usually involves foods that are banned from our Monday to Friday diets.

Why do we binge?

If you have a history of dieting or struggling with food, you have probably developed some “all-or-nothing” ways of thinking about food (and your body).
The problem with extremes is that:

  • you’re on a diet or you’re overindulging
  • you’re doing really well or going off track
  • you’re obsessing over the food you can’t have or feeling guilty about the food you did have

What’s the deal with weekends?

It’s the weekend you’ve been sooo good this week, you deserve a treat! Right?
Except that somehow something snaps in your head and your “cheat meal” turns into a “cheat weekend”.

You feel full and order dessert because you might as well go all out. But guilt, just like revenge, is a dish best served cold!


You vow to get back on track on Monday, you will be the poster child of HEALTHY! You’ll be so good…Until it happens again.

BUT you can stop this cycle in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Keep it real

So you worry about your weight and have a history of dieting.
You don’t quite understand why you can’t seem to shift the excess weight, you eat healthy! Well, that is Monday to Friday.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a week of healthy eating can be wrecked before Sunday evening.
Oh, and remember what your mood is like after bingeing episodes? Yeah…So much for enjoying the weekend.

Step 2: Change your self-talk

What you tell yourself matters: Stop telling yourself that you are being “bad”, “naughty”, etc when you’re eating something indulgent. The guilt will make you eat even more!

Ditch the “I might as well” mentality: Those four words can wreck havoc on all your hard work. It’s the equivalent of eating because you ate. It’s what will send you on a bingeing spiral that can last for DAYS!

Step 3: Eat like a normal person

Start the weekend with exercise
Research shows that we are less likely to crave junk food when high on happiness hormones

Eat what you actually fancy
Whatever it is but STOP the moment you’re full. Food is not going anywhere and nor are you!

Be party smart
Party like a rockstar but eat beforehand, match every drink with water and…if your booze self-discipline needs a little boost, plan a workout with a friend for the next day.