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4 Questions to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

feeling like a fraud

Are you tired of feeling like a fraud? You are not alone! Many of us feel like impostors when our level of success or happiness exceeds our self-perceived worthiness. We feel like we’re not the real deal and that it’s only a matter of time before people around us realise it; realise that we’re don't deserve to be there, that

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The Not So Pretty Lil’ Lies | How to Make Your Visualisations Work For You

Fadela Hilali - Visualisations

Visualisations, dreaming,vision boards alongside goal-setting are all great...Hey, I ❤️ vision boards! It's all fun and helpful BUT it doesn't replace the need for action. For years I spoke about my dreams....dream job, dream health, dream lifestyle, dream relationship...I would take action for a few days but deem it too difficult and go back to...well...dreaming! If you want something, whether it's

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The Not So Pretty Lil’ Lies | How to Deal With Your Inner Critic

How to deal with your inner critic

Is your inner critic getting in your way? In my experience, berating, belittling, humiliating is NEVER a good idea, even when the person doing it is YOU!🙅🏻 There are so many other ways to motivate ourselves which do not require assaulting our self-worth... The No So Pretty Lil' Lies is an idea I came up with to shine a light

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