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Why Dieting Won’t Help You Stop Bingeing

Why dieting won't help you stop bingeing Overindulgent holidays, eating out, super-sized brunch, one too many burgers washed down with your drink of choice, sweets and an oh-so predictable side of guilt…It’s all good though, because Monday is the day your healthy lifestyle begins, for good, game on! You are determined, focused, excited, it’s the new you! This won’t be

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How to Deal with Your Inner Critic

Fadela Hilali

I get this question ALL THE TIME! How do you deal with your inner critic? Our inner critic, a close friend of self-doubt, is a voice inside our head that regularly criticises us for what we do, how we do it, what we want to do, or who we are even. Does this mean you should never criticise anything you

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3 Things Every Kid Should Hear Growing Up

Self esteem Fadela Hilali

  My experience around young children is almost invariably the same: a precious blend of candour, light-heartedness, playfulness, curiosity and humour. Childhood is a beautiful thing, so much so that embracing our “inner child’ has become a buzz phrase in the wellbeing community. But that’s not the phrase I had in mind when writing this article. As innate as these

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